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Terms And Conditions May Apply

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Fine Print

The devil is in the details, or in this case, the fine print!

I Always Hope For Tails

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How much prayer would it take to get a coin to land consistently on its edge?

Coin Toos

Are Prayers Affected By Gravity?

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Here’s something I never thought of before: Are prayers affected by gravity? Also, considering that the earth is round, and not flat, how do members of some religions face the correct direction without doing elaborate gymnastics, or require the placement of orbital prayer satellites to bounce the prayers to the correct location?

Gravity Prayers

Helping The Homeless With Prayer

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Prayer is such a wonderful thing. It has the capacity to make a situation feel so much better and bearable… just maybe not for the person suffering.

Homeless Squirrel

I’ll Pray For You

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Just a handy little translation so that you know what somebody really means when they say “I’ll pray for you”.

Pray For You


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