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The Dangers Of Being Open Minded

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That’s my problem right there. Who knows what else fell out as well. No wonder I’m losing things all the time.

Brain Will Fall Out

Jesus On Homosexuality

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As the vote of same-sex marriage approaches, the Charlotte Observer takes a moment to reflect on what Jesus had to say about homosexuality.

Jesus On Homosexuality

Eve Doomed The Entire Human Race For One Apple?

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Wonderful typography, kinky joke! Let’s be honest, if she did that for an apple… well, what can I say, the sky is the limit. Right?

Klondike Bar

Inteligently desinged! Derp

Tha Lord 7

Make it the comment below if ur not a munky!

intelligent design

Unconditional Love?

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The love of the Christian deity comes with more caveats, addendum’s and clauses than Sheldon Coopers roommate agreement.

Unconditional Love


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