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Kids Should Not Be Exposed To Such Things

Paul O'Flaherty 1

No kids. You can’t have those games and books or watch that filth on TV. They’ll make you violent and morally depraved.


The Price of Rape

Tha Lord 15

The book of objective morality tells us that rape has a price that must be paid.  The price of rape is paid in silver, which also has a price which is traded on the commodities market.  The price of rape is directly proportional to the price of silver.

There are those that argue that the Bible should be the source for our morality and the basis of the laws of society.  In this scenario, rape is a crime befitting of not imprisonment, but civil debt.  In this scenario, silver and rape are interchangeable commodities traded by investment bankers.  If after reading the Bible, you think that it is a source of morality, you have misinterpreted the term entirely.  There are no apologies that can be made for words placed in an order such as those above.

The Earth Is Not Rotating, Spinning Or Moving

Paul O'Flaherty 12

This ladies and gentlemen is why atheists have to be proselytizing and educating. This is what we’re up against.

House Burns, Bible Doesn’t. Miracle!

Tha Lord 2

The standard for miracles in this century is incredibly low.  A family loses their house in a fire, yet their Bible (available in not-so-fine book stores everywhere) was spared.  Never mind the fact that the Bible is available free electronically or from many proselytizing organizations, this miracle from God preserved what looks to be a cheap replica of the ancient scripture.  Whereas Yahweh once created the entire universe from scratch, he’s now reduced to toast imagery and preserving texts that can be had for free.  Very impressive God!


Tha Lord 4

Although the Bible is highly entertaining, it’s a lame past time.
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