Jesus Called Us To Love Everyone

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It’s just a very special kind of love… get your mind out of the gutter!

Jesus Called Us To Love Everyone

Source: Molly Alice’s Art Blag

I Was Just Out For A Jog

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I didn’t see the sign. Honest! Would I lie to you?

Behave Yourself Jesus - No Running

Obama Has Released The Homo Demons

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Is there anything that they won’t blame Obama for?

Obama Has Released The Demons

Forgiveness Is…

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Clearly someone wanted to send a message… I hope she was listening…

Forgiveness Is

Via Imgur.

I Hope He Pays Out

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I’m not saying that he’d stiff you, but I’d like a legally binding contract before I took his word that he’d pay out in the case of an accident. I’ll stick with an established company thanks, like Geico. At least some lizards can actually walk on water!

Insurance - Jesus


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